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Entrepreneur Life vs Full-time Employee Life

Heres Why I Want To Quit My Job And Pursue The Entrepreneur Life.

Ping Pong Tuesdays.

Beer Fridays.

Bean bag chairs in the afternoon and occasionally board games after work.

Munchkin Adventure time
Munchkin Adventure Time is what we play every other week. (Img credit:

Having a job in tech is great. Not to mention, I get paid bi-weekly so I can spend money on the things I like.

4 years in, I got comfortable and (somewhat) miserable. My ping-pong skill and beer tolerance grew, but my ambition and drive died.

I ask myself, “do I really want this my whole life?”.

Many would think I’m crazy to not want a comfortable life. But think about it this way.

Imagine going on vacation, having mojitos by the beach. Many of us believe that’s ultimately the goal in life. But now imagine staying there for years. I don’t think many of us would even last a couple of months.

Traveling the world isn’t the answer. It’s an escape from the reality we’re in. Finding purpose is what we all want.

Purpose in Life?

Ask yourself, “What is your purpose?”.

Pass butter

Do we want to pass butter our whole life?

Pursue That Purpose

Either you work hard to build someone else’s dreams, or you work hard to build your own dreams. I’ve been working hard to build someone else’s dreams. Staying over time, coming in early, and even skipping lunch time to get an urgent project done. What if I did that all the time but for my own business instead?

This is the reason I want to become an entrepreneur.

But That’s Kinda Risky Right?

Being vulnerable to risk is not a bad thing. Whats a life without a bit of risk? If we want a better life we can’t stay in our comfort bubble and avoid all the risk we possibly can. Risk is how we learn and grow.

As John A. Shedd puts it,

“A Ship in Harbor Is Safe, But that Is Not What Ships Are Built For”

Now get out of your comfort zone. Get out there and take some risk.

I Don’t Know Anything About Business

You are going to suck at being an entrepreneur in the beginning. You are going to fail and make lots of mistakes. Whats important is learning from these mistakes and getting the experience. Luckily, you can observe my mistakes and read my experience.

And if you do feel like giving up, think about what batman’s dad said batman.

Don’t Quit Your Job Just Yet

It takes time to get there. You can have a side hustle for now and wait until you make enough to quit your job. I’ve been some people manage to have a side hustle that makes more than their full-time job AND they choose to stay with the company.

You never know what you can accomplish until you try.

Who’s ready to become an entrepreneur?