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Thank You For Your Support and Feedback :)


You guys are AWESOME.

I want to make a quick post to thank everyone who has been reading and supporting this blog. At times I thought about giving up and moving on. But thanks to your views and shares, I felt more motivated to write about my thoughts and experience even more.

rick and morty dance
Lets parttyyy

For the first 5 days of this blog, it was at zero views. Yesterday I’ve pasted 100 views in a single day. More than half of the people were recurring. This is awesome news for me :). I will keep up the hard work and pump out entertaining and helpful content.

yay 😀

For those who are new here, this is what the my goals are for this blog. I want to write about my entrepreneurial experience in a fun and entertaining way. I’ll often use memes or images where people can relate, like my last post relating to Adventure Time. Every now and then, I will start a project that will produce passive income and see how much money I can possible earn. My current (and only project for now) is my t-shirt business I am working on. More update on this tomorrow.

I truly appreciate everyone reading my blog. I would always love some good feed back as well.

Thank you all
You guys are awesome

Continue your support and share these articles with your friends on social media. Thank you.