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A Noob’s Guide to starting a t-shirt business [Part 1]

When it comes to selling a t-shirt online you can either drop ship it or you manufacture it. Many entrepreneurs drop ship since you don’t deal with inventory. It’s quick and efficient.

What drop ship means is you let the manufacturer create and ship your products for you, which means you don’t have to deal with inventory. This is an easy way to get started in the t-shirt business. Many people are able to break into the t-shirt business because of this.

Printing and Distribution

Here are the possible channels that print and sells your product.


-Society 6





-Amazon Merch

Whats handy about all of these are they all do drop ship. All you need to do is upload your designs and start marketing it.

Zazzle, Society 6, Spreadshirt, and Teespring

These channels are highly competitive and the cost is about 10-18 per t-shirt. Of course, it really depends on the quality of the t-shirt you choose. But whats really awesome is that they already have customer base on their website that shops regularly.

On to of that, you don’t have to pay anything upfront and you get paid for every sale you make.


Shopify provides many templates and add ons for building an t-shirt business. Add ons like Printful, can help you print and ship your t-shirts to customer.

Zazzle, Society6, Spreadshirt, and Teespring doesn’t offer you your own website. By having your own website, it strengthens your brand and credibility. The downside for shopify is that it requires a monthly payment of $30.

This may cheapen a product and does not reflect well on a brand. If you want to build up a t-shirt brand, then I suggest using shopify than the ones listed above. The downside is the credibility.

Amazon Merch

Amazon Merch launched in 2016 and the competition is already saturated. There is a huge waitlist just to sign up for the program. Some have waited for months and still haven’t gotten a reply from amazon.

In my opinion, Amazon Merch is basically Teespring but on steroids. It works the same way, as in you upload a design and you can sell it through Amazon. The difference is millions of people are already shopping on amazon already. Its easier for customers to stumble upon your product than on zazzle.


I signed up the Amazon Merch but I don’t expect to hear from them any time soon. In the mean time, I find that Teespring offers the best quality, support and pricing. Shopify was what I was leaning on before but the thought of monthly payment is what made me turn to Teespring.

My next step is to create a product and sell on Teespring.