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Everyone should set some goals to keep themselves motivated. Having these goals in mind really gives me a reason to get up early and grind. Here are my life goals.

Entrepreneur Goals

  • Create a long term passive income stream (5 steady steams)
  • Build an innovative start up
  • Build a product that helps and support a non profit or a cause I believe it for zero profit.
  • Open a local coffee shop

Financial Goals

  • Make my first million bucks
  • Save up enough for a mortgage
  • Buy a Telsa Model X (White)
  • Buy a house with a pool behind it
  • Buy a property and rent it out

house goal

Blog Goals

  • Hit 1 million views
  • Hit 500,000 subscribers
  • Help someone in need of building their first passive income

Travel Goals

  • San Diego – Attend a comic con
  • Orland – Spend a week at Disney World and then a day at Universal Studios
  • Europe – Backpack to across Europe cause everyones doing it
  • Egypt – See the Pyramids and the sphinx
  • Peru – Check out Machu Picchu
  • China – Walk the Great Wall
travel inspiation
Singapore, the last city I visited before starting this blog

Last updated: Sept 7, 2017