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Gamers Are The Best Entrepreneurs. Heres Why.

Gamers make the best entrepreneurs. They just don’t know it yet.

They have all the right skills for success but no one is telling them.

Starcraft, Ragnaork Online, Diablo, League of Legend, World of Warcraft, Rocket League, and Final Fantasy. I’ve played them all. Although I can’t say I’m a pro gamer (first game was Starcraft broodwar when I was 6), but I know what gamers go through.

As an entrepreneur and gamer, I believe gamers show potential to become successful entrepreneurs. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Staying Up Late For The Grind

MMO RPG gamers stay up late until 3am, on their endless journey to grind and improve their hero. Eventually, they get all the godly weapons and close to maxing out their level. It was worth all the sleepless nights staying up with your party to slay Diablo over and over again.

Fighting Diablo 2
As Deckard Cain said in D2, “Stay awhile and listen” 🙂

Entrepreneurs do the same. We stay up late and grind. Although we don’t slay anyone, we do level up our product. We grow our traffic, improve our conversion and increase our impressions. At the end of the day, when everything works out, we get the same feeling as acquiring an unique item.

2. Playing Mind Games When There are None

Its all in your head. You have this whole strategy down to destroying your opponent. Perhaps it was by luck, but you considered all the possibilities and you have your opponents in the palm of your hands. You anticipate their next move and you’re already three steps ahead. Playing against amateur players, are predictable and easy. Playing against a veteran, is challenging and thrilling.

Theres totally mind games involved in Adventure Time Card Wars…I think…

As an entrepreneur, you need the mind games in order to be successful. Sometimes its all in your head, like when playing against noobs. Sometimes the competition is real and companies are trying to take you down. Its not about having the mind game to manipulate “people” but to steer your company to destroy your competitors. Thats the real game.

3. Anticipate Your Enemies

Any League of Legends (DOTA, or HoN) players are masters at anticipation? You see everything. A nuke coming from the right. A stun coming from the left. A flash of an enemy icon on the mini map, a gank incoming. Excellent use of fog of war, badass jukes and amazing team assist. Noobs wonder how you perfectly timed a side step to completely avoid a stun to the face.

Jinx Penta Kill dailyboon

“Master yourself, master the enemy” – Lee Sin

This is because you know your own limitation and you know the strength and weakness of everyone. That perfectly timed side step? You’re not 100% certain he was going to blast that “Q”. Just a gut feeling because it would be his perfect chance to blast you so you shuffle to the left just when you’re in range. Your enemies can never “Q” you (HA, im so clever…).

Old school Warcraft 3 Dota. Skeleton King OP

Doing business is rather similar. You need to know what your competitor’s next move and capitalize on it. When risk is coming your way, you must side step before the risk hits you. Like we do in the game, side stepping when the nuke is coming is too late. You must side step before the enemy fires that nuke.

4. Fail, Learn, and Adapt

We we’re all noobs at one point of our gamer lives. But the more we play we better we get. Learning to fail was the quickest way to master the game. We learn to avoid traps and even counter it against our opponents. Adjusting and improving upon existing strategy, we form our own.

Starcraft had many “custom” games. Theres always a new map to learn.

As entrepreneurs, we must fail and learn quick. In a world of unlimited possibilities, we must form a strategy that works for us and continuously refine it.

5. Play More Than One Game

You mastered one game so you move on to another. Because of the similarities from the other game, you were able to reduce the learning curve and master it quicker than other players. You have a massive library of games in steam and you mastered most of them. The only games you didn’t master were the Steam summer sale games you purchased impulsively.

Entrepreneurs are the same. We play more than just one game. We wear many hats and have a collection of businesses that generates money for us. Its because we mastered one business and moved on to the next. After learning the game, playing a different game isn’t as hard. The hardest part was learning the first game and not giving up.


While there are limitations and constraints inside a game, the real world of business has endless possibilities and many unspoken rules. The amount of opportunities, may feel overwhelming a first. But fear not, gamers. You mastered a bunch of games already. You can also master the game of business.

Who’s ready to level up and become an entrepreneur?


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Heres a fun fact about Dailyboon. Boon backwards is noob. Coincident? I think not 😀