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Teespring Business – Sales and Marketing Struggles

Teespring Campaign Launched And Marketed

Income report: $0.00

Its only been 48 hours and I feel like I hit a brick wall.

Zero sales no matter how much I’m tweeting.

But like I said in the earlier post, creating a product is easy. Getting people to buy it is the hard part. Now the question is how do I get people to buy it?

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My Teespring store – Squishify

There are 20 products on my Teespring store. 10 men’s tank and 10 women’s tank. My niche market are people who loves to work out and enjoys fat food. My plan is to create another store over the weekend to increase my inventory.


For the first few days I will market this without paying for advertisement. I want to see how far I can take this and make a sale online. Is it possible for me to do any sales at all?

My main use of social media marketing is through Twitter and Facebook.

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Twitter – I reached out to people who are big influencers in the fitness community. I realize the tweets gets buried and big players won’t spend the time to read it. I then had more success with retweets and direct messages when I reach out to users with a few hundred followers. What I really want from this are the direct consumers. I need to find a more efficient way in targeting them.

Facebook – I joined a few fitness and foodie group. I asked politely for feedback and what people think about it. So far I have little luck with this strategy.

Pinterest – All products have been uploaded to Pinterest. Zero traffic to my products so far.

Reddit – My latest two t-shirt designs were directed towards the love and hate for pineapples on pizza. I targeted threads relating to this topic and promoted my new shirts as a support to hate pineapple on pizza. So far theres not much traction on this. I moved on to twitter for this but most there doesn’t seem to be much response there either.

Quora – Trying to find a Quora question relating to t-shirts are limited. I gave up with Quora after an hour of promoting.

Random Forums – I googled workout, foodie, t-shirt forums and joined in on the discussion. I ended up getting banned from a few forums. It was worth driving a tiny bit of traffic to my website. However, I will attempt this again but indirectly promoting my products.

Teespring – Theres zero organic searches for my products on Teespring. Since its such a big community (plus I’m new), I don’t get featured and I appear almost last on the searches. I will not rely on Teespring for my sales.

Its always tempting to throw in $20 bucks on Facebook advertisement. I will definitely be doing that but I just want at least one sale to validate the market.

Day 3 and 4 plan

Continue the Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit marketing. But what I really need is to find a community where people are willing to pay $20 for a work out tank.

Please let me know what you would do.