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Are you a Rick or a Morty?

Are you a Rick Sanchez or a Morty Smith?

Entrepreneurs can be defined by these two categories.

Everyone begins as a Morty. As the experience buids up, a few Mortys evolves into Ricks.

You either die a Morty, or you live long enough to see yourself become a Rick.

The Mortys

We begin our entrepreneur adventures as Mortys. Trusting, good-nature, impatient, and dumb. Mortys have little knowledge of the game and lacks the skills in many discipline. But that doesn’t stop Mortys from trying.

Over Trusting and Innocent

In the world of entrepreneurship, we begin our journey with excitement and eagerness. Along the way, we meet more experienced players who will manipulate our naive and innocent nature for their own selfish gains. Like King Jellybean, people tend to appear nice and polite but eventually they want to take advantage of us (not like how King Jellybean didof course).

Morty King Jellybean Business life

At the early stages of entrepreneurship, we need connections and guidance. So we get out of our comfort zone to look for it.

The Entrepreneur Community

Mortys attend meet ups, join networking events, and connect with people on Linkedin so we can become apart of the entrepreneur community. Like a team we help and support each other like The Vindicators. But just like The Vindicators, when things goes south, everyone goes their separate ways. 

 Vindicators rick morty business entrepreneur

Whats worst when we meet people at networking events, they often ask us to do them a real solid and sometimes insane favours.

up the butt morty entrepreneur favours

We painfully do favours for others in hope of getting some help in return. If we’re lucky, maybe can find a mentor to guide the way.

Building our First Successful Start up

Weeks and even months of hard work, we finally did it. We stayed up late, skipped out on parties, and shoved seeds in places. The efforts paid off. We built our first start up. 

Anatomy park rick morty business

Like Anatomy Park, the whole thing eventually crumbles. Our first start up was a great learning experience. But we are still Mortys after all. We need to learn from our failures and move on to the next Anatomy Park.

Naive But With Good Intentions

As Mortys we try to make all the right decisions with good intentions. But sometimes, we have to learn the hard way. Just because our intention are good, doesn’t mean the outcome is good. At times it can even backfire on us and cost us our company.

.Morty Naive entrepreneur dreams

We fall into this trap time after time. While some Mortys give up, others become Ricks.

The Ricks

Over the years of falling into traps, you become cynical, realistic, and doubtful. Yet at the same time, experienced, brilliant, and highly adaptive. You are now a Rick.

Ricks always have a solution to every problem. When new opportunities arise, Ricks know just what to do to capture the moment. At times, Ricks may seems a little crazy to the outsiders.

An Expert At Everything

Over the years you have developed an entrepreneurial instinct. You know the market and the demand of your audience. When a competitor launches a product or service, you know the perfect strategy in combat them.

Rick business

Aside from developing an entrepreneurial instinct, you have developed a few worthy qualities as well. You are now confident, bold and adventurous. Ricks are not afraid of being outside of their comfort zone.

naked rick

You See Things Differently

Experience has molded you to see the truth in people. You see right through their intentions. You know how the game is played. You have a pretty good idea of how to world works. You’re a veteran.

No one can deceive you. You see right through them. When someone tries to scam you, you can often scam them back.

A Supporting Morty As A Sidekick

Ricks have built up a network of support in the entrepreneur community. New Mortys find themselves to a Rick for mentorship. You as a Rick of course cannot refuse this opportunity to take advantage of a Morty. But to help them, Mortys need to prove their dedication and loyalty. To see if they are the One True Morty for you, we ask them to do you a real solid favour.

sold seeds rick morty

You decided this Morty was worth your time to mentor. You’re there for guidance and help when your Morty builds it’s first start up. But a Morty is just a Morty after all. They tend to fail their first start up because Mortys are predictable. You let them fail because thats how your Morty can learn.

However, when shit hits the fan, Ricks are there for their Mortys because thats what Ricks do.


We sometimes wish we are Ricks but often, we find ourselves as Mortys. Even after years of experience, we may make Morty mistakes.

Now the question is:

Are you a Rick or a Morty?


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