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What Adventure Time Can Teach us About Entrepreneurship

10 Lessons To Learn From Adventure Time

love watching Adventure Time. Theres always something to learn from it and can get deep at times. Heres are 10 things Adventure time can teach us about entrepreneurship.

1. Tunnel Vision is real. Focus on the real task at hand

There are no step by step guides for each unique problem we are trying to solve. At times, we need to get creative when being an entrepreneur. But when there is so much creative freedom, the possibilities can be endless. We can lose focus and get hung up on imaginary problems that isn’t really a problem. Always have your vision in mind and work towards it.

You're getting all hung up on imaginary problems

2. Live frugally as a entrepreneur

We need to live frugally at the beginning stages of being an entrepreneur. This means finding beans in a middle of the forrest like Lump Space Princess, or just spending less on what we don’t actually need. Cash flow is important, and I rather spend the money I earn from my business on reinvesting back into the business.

Can of beans

3. Outsiders think we’re stupid

People say its stupid to leave a steady and high-paying job to pursue the unknown. But I rather work hard building my own dreams than to work hard building someone else’s dreams. If that is stupid, then lets always be stupid. Forever.

lets be stupid forever

4. Don’t let haters discourage you

People often hate because they don’t understand. Other times, they just want to pull you down. Don’t listen to haters and just do what you believe is right. But what you need to listen to is constructive criticism and learn from it. Probably not from haters though (all they do is hate).

5. We need approximate knowledge in many things

As an entrepreneur, we need to quickly learn about our market and the tools we can use. Learning tools such as Mailchimp for email management, photoshop for design, Facebook ads for advertisement, WordPress for websites, Hootsuite for social media management, and ten thousand other tools. We need to quickly pick things up because our time is limited.

Approximate knowledge of many things

6. Problems gives us meaning

To live life, we need problems. This is what gives us meaning in life. Finding that problem is the drive to becoming an entrepreneur. What is the problem you want to solve? What gets you up in the morning?

Meaning of life

7. Perseverance when bad things happen

When bad things happen, we need to stick by it. Don’t give up and walk away. But instead, find the answers and fix the problem.The entrepreneur life is like a roller coaster. There are times when we hit rock bottom and other times we soar in the sky.

be a problem solver

8. Failure is part of growing as an entrepreneur

When I began my t-shirt business, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I thought I knew all the right answer. Eventually, I made no sales and I feel as if I failed in this area. But as I analyze my failure, I began to learn from my mistakes. Its often things I didn’t do that contributed to my failure rather than things I did do.

making mistakes are fine

9. Confidence is important

Whatever it is you’re doing, you need confidence. Especially for entrepreneurs when we need to network and connect. You need as much confidence as Lumpy and look yourself in the mirror and love yourself.

have confidence in what you do

10. Get a little crazy

Think big until people tell you your idea is crazy. Never settle for a business that doesn’t sound crazy. In the past, people would tell you its crazy to fly in the sky. If we never had that one crazy person thinking about inventing a flying machine, then we would never of had planes. Get a little crazy, rule like a god. Just not an angry god.

Get a bit crazy at times

What did you think about my this Adventure Time article?  Did you agree with the lessons we learned? Did it help you learn about entrepreneurship? Let me know what you think through the comments.


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