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My Mission

Everyone wants to achieve financial freedom. The problem is getting started and finding a system that works.

I will attempt different ways to make money online and try my best to document it step by step. My goal is to build up different types of passive income and show the world what is possible and what to avoid.

What is Daily Boon

If you are a entrepreneur or want to build up passive income, then you came to the right place.  I will be doing short and long term experiments to see if its possible (and worth the time) to purse it.

Daily boon experiments
Experiments every now and then.

About me

My name is Nate and I want to share my story here to encourage people to take the first step in becoming an entrepreneur. I am a noob entrepreneur but that doesn’t stop me from doing big things. At first, I will work on building up streams of passive income. But eventually, I want to build a start up from scratch. If you are already a successful entrepreneur, then please point me to the right direction. I always enjoy constructive feedback to further improve myself.

Me chillin at Singapre’s Art and science museum

Whats my background?

I do User Experience Design (UXD) for living and I love working on graphic and web design. I can build front-end websites with a little knowledge of back end work. I have attempted a couple of start ups that didn’t go as planned. For now, I want to take a break from start ups and focus more on passive income projects.

UX path
To help people understand abit more about UX vs design.

More about me?

Like aside from work, money making, and design stuff? Well, I’m pretty active. Active as in I play basketball, I train for MMA, and I work out all the time. I do a lot of seasonal activities as well, like hike, raft and snowboard. I’m also a gamer (I play League, Starcraft, and PS4 games). I read manga (mostly One piece now) and watch cartoons (Mostly Rick and Morty and Adventure Time).

Jinx – best champ on LoL 😉

Drop me a line

Get in touch with me at I’m always cool to chat about entrepreneurship, small business, or passive income. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates from me.